Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Learning Experience Matters!

Let’s pretend I could magically place an educator into your organization that was focused completely on Making the Moment for your students.You wouldn’t need an awe-inspiring office or training center. Your employees would feel GREAT!

Students will ask where you found the new trainer. They will remember how good they felt, they will feel more engaged, they might even feel challenged to learn more or come back sooner.

Moreover, they will will remember the one person that turned an otherwise hum-drum training course into something meaningful through a genuine level of commitment, transparency, and honesty. And then, they will tell others and encourage them to interact with your organization. And next, they share that excitement with your customers.

You don’t necessarily need the latest tools to make learning great. You simply need people who are passionate, committed and open to creatively using the tools you have to the advantage of their students.

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