Sunday, January 03, 2010

Faces & Places

Your choices determine whether your employees learn faster, easier and more frequently.

We are wired to remember people and places. You can use those assets to your advantage. Most organizations can't afford to build their campus beside a beautiful mountain stream or tropical bay. But they can afford to hire, train and promote great people.

The quality of your facilitators does matter. For God's sake, don't transfer your worst sales rep into training where they can pollute all of your new hires! By replacing a ineffective teacher with a more talented one, you can turn a dull technical course into something more meaningful, memorable, and engaging.

Fundamental Fact #1

In order to survive, our ancestors needed to recall faces and places, not shopping lists. Our brain physiology developed accordingly. We respond eagerly to agreeable faces and interesting places. Humans that avoided bad people and bad places survived to share their story.

Fundamental Fact #2

The process of developing from child to adult (school years) is a time that is loaded with personal development and self-exploration. The courses we took inside the classrooms were often sidebars to the main event: surviving social traumas and learning how to cope, work with and love other people.

Fundamental Fact #3

We measure the quality of human interactions by how we feel, not simply what occurs. People quickly forget what we said, but will remember how we said those words – and how they felt working with us - for a long, long time.

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