Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Great Moment is Also a Service Experience

It takes quite a team of people to bring a new life into the world – a newborn is a an overwhelmingly awesome moment for a husband and wife. But what about the nurses, baby supply retailers, doctors, technologists, florists and relatives that participated in the big event?

Their is a hidden mountain of individuals that conspire (intentionally or unknowingly) to help create every moment and give meaning to our lives. It’s the same way for EVERY great moment.

Think about any kind of great moment in your life, from reaching the summit of a mountain to graduating from school or finishing a project. Got one?

Now, think about all the little details and people that made each step possible. You should be able to jot down a list of people who (seen or unseen) contributed time or talent to turn that service transaction into a truly special and remarkable moment for you. For instance, the person that sold you the paint supplies, the neighbor that lent you an easel... You get the point.

Think about a recent transaction, a time when someone created a positive experience for you while they were working. How did the experience make you feel…

  • about the other person?
  • about their organization, product or brand?
  • about your desire to work with this person on a future project or event?
  • about your life, based on this experience?
We each have the opportunity to transform ordinary transactions into meaningful events everyday. I like to think of this as my personal form of community service.