Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Listening to the Service Experience

Creating a great sales effort begins by hiring people that have the raw ability to learn and to:

* fully understand products or services
* effectively deliver presentations fearlessly and consistently
* care about their customer's experience by listening and learning.

How? Here are a few ways to listen and learn:

Live Chat
Eliminate phone tag and offer service on demand. Even if you run a small businesses you can provide real-time support for visitors to your website. Organizations like, BoldChat and provide outsourced support services at competitive rates.

On-Demand Consumer University
Learning isn't limited to employees. In fact, consumers can benefit (and appreciate) the same information you provide your team.

Video FAQ and How-to's
You Tube offers a video plug-in for your site, that gives you the chance to quickly and affordably post content, like how-to videos that can make life easier for your customers.

Social Media
Services such as Facebook help you connect to multiple communities. Tools like Visibility and Radian 6 allow you to measure the effectiveness of your outreach to those groups.

Staff profiles and Blogs
Customers want to follow the team members they talk to everyday, not necessarily the CFO or COO. Get over your need for control and let your people blog. Employees may pleasantly surprise you by attracting even more customers.

Independent Reviews
Customer reviews and feedback are part of a richer online experience. Some companies, like, offer widgets that can enable a review function within your own site. Others, like offer 3rd party reviews for specific services, in this case, hotels and travel services.

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