Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Unvarnished Truth?

Now there are sites where you can rate the people you know, rather than organizations, products or corporate brands.

The concept is not new (,, but Unvarnished has integrated tightly with Facebook to attract the largest pool of reviewers possible. This lets people who, supposedly, have worked with someone, post reviews about that individual.

From the site:

“Unvarnished lets reviewers share their true, nuanced opinions without fear of repercussions… Profile owners can manage and build their reputation, by receiving notifications of new reviews, requesting reviews from trusted colleagues, adding resume details, and responding to reviews.”

What do you think?
  • Does this type of site encourage leadership or popularity?
  • Will it require people to constantly manage their reputation? (or hire people to do so...)
  • Could it evolve into a useful professional adjunct like LinkedIn?
  • Or, will it devolve into a schoolyard filled with bullies and cynical reviews?

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