Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Here's an interesting heads-up on future employment demographics (note: training impact) from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - Employment Projections: 2008-2018 Summary
  • The number of persons age 55 years + in the labor force is expected to increase by 12.0 million, or 43.0 percent, during the 2008-2018 period
  • The labor force in 2018 will be more diverse (Asian workers +29.8%, Hispanics +33.1%)
  • Service-providing industries will add 14.6 million jobs, or 96 percent of the increase in total employment
  • Occupations that require a post-secondary degree are expected to account for nearly half of all new jobs
  • Short and moderate-term on-the-job training are the most significant sources of post-secondary education for 17 of the 30 occupations projected to have the largest employment growth
What does this mean for...
  • corporate talent recruiting & development efforts?
  • efforts to make work spaces welcoming for a diverse talent force? 
  • support for emerging leaders?
  • internal talent development and learning programs?

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