Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How to hit "send" on your customer's button

During a visit to my local Publix, I counted 6 employees texting as they walked around the store, like zombies searching for brains online. Unbelievable. I came back with more than lettuce and bread. I brought home a lesson I learned from Disney, and other service giants.

Dear Publix: rows of neatly stacked containers do not make "shopping a pleasure", your people do that - or don't.

Dear Publix Service Employees, please:
  1. Be fully aware of the people around you
  2. Smile (at least try)
  3. Always turn and face your guests
  4. Extend an offer to help them
  5. Ask their name, offer yours
  6. Listen attentively, pay attention
  7. Take immediate action on their requests
  8. Thank them sincerely for their business
and... (an update even Walt could not have anticipated) please turn off your phone when you're serving customers, unless you're calling 911.

1 comment:

  1. How incredibly spot on! Cant count the times Ive experienced the exact same thing!

    Not just a Publix ... but at home depot, lowes, target, you name it.

    Think we need a heavy heavy shift back to teaching people how to relate to people ... and not just transact!!!!!