Monday, June 14, 2010

5 Quick Ways to Ruin
the Learning Experience

I confess. I'm feeling a little snarky today.

I was reading an article about one organization's challenges and thought I would lay them out as "what not to do" guide. Evidently, this company had not analyzed its behavior to see what you and I might clearly see, patterns of behavior that belong on the "don't" list...

  1. Close Your Eyes! Facts can be ugly things. Hide from the research and unvarnished truth by taking comfort in the kind of pseudo-truthiness found in internal research and staged interviews.

  2. Fudge a Little! Transparency is for losers. Let your marketing team ignore the facts as they create materials. Why not invite your legal team to lead the organization?

  3. Obfuscate! Confuse your customers by creating a social media forum that has no relationship to the real service experience. Better yet, invite feedback and then hide any unpleasant opinions. Don’t forget to kill the messenger with a dull user survey.

  4. Waffle! Why take a stand? Commit minimal resources to any new service, process or loyalty program, only to drop it months later as you accuse some manager of random incompetence.

  5. Duck and Cover! Pull a “turtle” when challenges seem too difficult. Simply go back to doing things the way they have always been done. It feels so much safer to hide behind statistics.
Hopefully you won't run into this group. They seem programmed to demoralize their employees while they bumble up the customer experience!

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