Thursday, April 09, 2009

A World Community Experience

There are no borders or boundaries in the Experience Nation.

In fact, I recently found myself passionately supportive of a one-man outfit in England that produced the best design software I had ever used. And then he sold his company (I am truly happy for him) although the product now sucks (how truly stupid of the new owner).

I didn’t care where he worked or what he ate for breakfast. I did care about his product. I was a beneficiary of the commitment he gave to it and the passion that was so self-evident in his blog posts. It made me feel like part of his team. I was part of his user nation.

Facebook has 500 million users, more “citizens” than the United States of America. Within that large number are smaller groups of friends who form communities and within those communities are little gatherings of friends. I may or may not participate fully in Facebook but I recognize the movement for what it is: a world community experience.

How cool to be suddenly connected to a person that writes the software I use and makes my life just a little bit easier.

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