Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Web 3.0, and beyond!

Just as I was getting used to sticky applications that can be placed within XML (think Widgets), I am now wrestling with the concept of "sticky" students. It only makes sense. I was having a discussion with Garin Hess of Rapid Intake and explaining to him how inadequate current LMS technology seems. LMS and LCMS systems want the training function and student to orbit their Universe. However, in a truly "learner-centric" construct, learning experiences would be gathered by the student (which they are) and retained by them as well (which they are not - yet).

For example: I work at Company X for 3 years. I take many basic courses, as well as some standard OSHA-required training. As soon as I leave and start working for Company Z, I have to take them all over again. The old LMS does not transfer my experience to the new LMS. Either my boss or the LMS administrator has to fudge the system or I must test-out of content I already know. Seems archaic in light of what the web can do, yes?

Lots of people are working on collaborative technologies. It will be interesting to see 1) which company or consortium solves this challenge first, and 2) what technologies are used to track and store data, regardless of where the student obtained the skill or knowledge.

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