Thursday, December 20, 2007

I am in the process of trying to organize some tools for my client engagement team (ranging from sales to designers to LMS implementation staff).

Here are the basic recurring themes that I find myself addressing with multiple clients and multiple projects. Hint to Russ: create some reference material... maybe I’ll get this into a wiki so others on my team can edit/post as well.

What will our solution look like?

In Brief: Multiple opportunities to blend design and delivery.

In Detail:
(sample webinar with follow-up survey)
(sample ILT, with brief in-class modules as knowledge checks)
(sample WBT, with sample activity on and off-line)

What tools will we use?

In Brief: In general we are “tool-neutral” and advocate the use of tools that are widely available / supported, and that meet the needs of the client and their project.

In Detail: (roster of tools, with their application)

How do we analyze (or “scope”) a project?

In Brief: We identify 4 levels of complexity:

In Detail:
Complexity of the current solution and required analysis (analysis)
Complexity of the subject matter and desired approach (design)
Complexity of the delivery - interaction and simulation (development)
Complexity of the project risk and desired impact or ROI (evaluation)

How do we design curricula?

In Brief: Assumed ability (enter state) + Knowledge (core comprehension) + Skilll (core performance) = to equal an ultimate level of measured Proficiency

How do we create a solution?

In Brief: ADDIE (some folks are talking about “successive approximation” which in my opinion is old meat in a new wrapper…)

What will we do for analysis?

In Brief: Review our “Dirty Dozen”, plus any variables to be determined based on Sales Discovery and stated Complexity; compiled into SDD

In Detail: (Sample SDD elements); Group / SME Interview

What are the milestones of any typical project?

In Brief:
Sales Discovery
Kickoff Meeting
Analysis, leading to SDD
Design, with confirmation
Development, with confirmation
Implementation, pilot tests
Evaluation, review of project

In Detail: TMI… read the book!

What is a Solution Design Document?

In Brief: A high-level overview of the project created by the ID or LPC. It confirms or alters assumptions made in the initial Scope of Work

In Detail: (Sample SDD)

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