Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Holidays, and many returns?

I in a lull now, between my partner's kids opening gifts (mostly hits, few misses!) and neighbors ambling by for evening cocktails. Just time to squeeze in a thought based on an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

"There's a big gap between how two generations view customer service", the story begins. In short, the two generations, a Boomer population raised on personal service from attentive employees, and the Millennials, who have never known such service, and who are now charged with delivering it and, in the author's opinion, do so poorly. 

One opinion voiced in the article places blame on employers because "many lack the time or money to train workers." The author's response to Boomers? "Adjust your expectations - down" or shop where employers pay time and attention to training. Hmmm... 

If our expectations are lower, and we expect less from employees, then what employer would be motivated to improve customer service? Food for thought: let's raise awareness of higher expectations, and support training in the process. 

I'll think about this later - after I return my size XXL Hawaiian shirt for a more dainty size XL... uh-hmm.  Hopefully I'll meet a cheerful, service-oriented Millenial in the process, and ask him or her (between cell phone calls) what they think about it all.

Cheers - and many Happy "Returns"! 

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