Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Here is a post by Dennis Coxe

But what really struck me is that from what I have read is that the real rebellion against formal training versus what is called "informal training" is the slavish devotion to learning management systems. A learning management system is probably the apex of top-down training. It places toll booths inbetween the learner and the knowledge he or she needs to perform their duties. Informal learning proponents are saying "Tear down that wall." Make learning accessible.

My thought: The LMS is dead. Long live the LMS.

In reality, what I believe needs to happen is a change in our perception of the LMS and its role. Rather than place it at the center of all learning, position it beside the learner. A dynamic and open source LMS (of the future?) will be able to gather wide-ranging information and deliver it to the audience much more efficiently than if they spend hours Googling and web browsing.

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